Cultural Resource Management Service Across The Rocky Mountain West

East Little Snowy Mountains-Dufree Hills Class III Cultural Resource Survey

Western Cultural conducted a Class III cultural resource survey for the BLM Lewistown Field Office. The original contract called for an inventory of 2,760 acres in the Durfee Hills area in Fergus County, Montana. Problems with access of government lands arose during the field work due to concerns raised by local landowners. Western Cultural completed approximately half of the inventory and then met with the BLM archaeologist. Replacement acres in the Dry Range and North Fork areas in Meagher County were selected to replace the acres originally slated for the Class III inventory. Western Cultural quickly pivoted and completed the survey of the new acres selected by the BLM. Two reports were prepared for the BLM, the first described the results of the inventory in the Durfee Hills project area and the second report described the results of the Dry Range-North Fork project area.

Project Photos