Cultural Resource Management Service Across The Rocky Mountain West

Marysville Historic Resources

The Marysville Historic District, 24LC1083 is the first eligible resource. It is an area that contains a significant number of resources associated with the history of Marysville, united by plan and generally by physical development. These include resources such as exploration, extraction, refinement, and transportation, associated with mining, but also includes resources associated with the residential and commercial development of the town. The historic district was defined through a combination of pedestrian survey and historical research.

The Marysville Historic Landscape is a contributing resource to the Marysville Historic District. It possesses a significant concentration of areas of land use, vegetation, buildings, structures, roads, waterways, and natural features that represent the historical development of the mining camp. The boundaries are defined from the viewshed but are wholly located within the proposed historic district.

Other contributing resources include a significant mine access road remnant, a stone and mortar powder house used for storing explosives, and a mining associated water dispersion system with hand-stacked stone culverts and retaining walls. Resources contributing to the residential and commercial development of the town include a large stone dry goods store, built ca. 1886, a wood trussed stone-walled garage, that was originally a residence ca. 1889, and a board and batten barn, constructed in the 1880s, that is now used as a garage but retains a high level of integrity.

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