Cultural Resource Management Service Across The Rocky Mountain West

Marysville Road Cultural Resource Inventory

Western Cultural conducted a cultural resource survey for the proposed Marysville Road [TCSP 25(43) Control No. 4983)] project under contract to CDM, Inc., for the Montana Department of Transportation. The investigation identified the proposed expansion of the Marysville Historic Mining District and nineteen resources that are considered as either contributing or non-contributing to the district. The investigation located one new prehistoric resource, 24LC1915, a lithic scatter and one isolated find. The investigation also tested one previously located resource, 24LC1824, a lithic scatter. The project involved a considerable public participation component, including numerous meetings with the Montana Department of Transportation, the Montana State Historic Preservation Office, the Lewis and Clark County Commissioners, the Lewis and Clark County Historic Preservation Office, and landowners and business owners from Marysville. As a result of scheduling conflicts between various agencies, Western Cultural changed the cultural resources time line and completed the complex inventory and analysis several months ahead of schedule. The Montana State Historic Preservation Office concurred with the final report.

Project Photos