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Technology and Archaeology: From Gadgets to Practical Innovations

Over the past few months, our office has been going through a technological metamorphosis.  Sadly, I cannot report that we have purchased a new super computer, ground penetrating radar machine, or the latest GPS.  No, this technological revolution has involved many of the more mundane aspects of the digital age.  This blog is one of the more exciting of those technological innovations short of the great, geeky, gadget euphoria that follows the purchase of new gear.

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2013 Preserve Historic Missoula Night

Preserve Historic Missoula Night was last week and the people who showed up were treated to an incredible presentation on the historic barns of Montana.  Chere Juisto, Christine Brown, and Tom Ferris gave an excellent and often humorous presentation on their recent book “Hand-Raised: Historic Barns of Montana“.  A couple of pictures really stood out during the presentation, and there were dozens and dozens of great photographs.  These two images showed a barn, and I don’t recall where it was, in the condition that the authors found it.  The second photograph showed the same barn after it had received quite a bit of TLC from its owners.  The ranch owners were so excited that someone was actually interested in their old barn that they fixed it up and slapped a fresh coat of paint on it.

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Local historic preservation group spotlight

The Bonner Milltown History Center news letter just arrived and as usual it is a good read.  The feature article “The Red Rubber Tire” is a look back at the old red rubber Armstrong tires.  Supporting this group through donations or even just attending the events they host is a worthwhile use of your time and money.  The group has offices, museum and collections in the Bonner Post Office Building, a historic structure that is a contributing resource to the Bonner Historic District.  Coffee and cookies are served every Tuesday morning 9:30 to 11:30 and you can be sure that good conversation and tales about Bonner history will also be served.

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